Aalborg, Consortium meeting & Workshop, DK

11/16 - 2022 07:36

Date: 10th of November 2022

Since the end of September, the end-user partners have been testing the platform’s usability and for new partners to become familiar with how it is to implement and the daily operation of such a system. Both the volunteers, professionals and end-users have been optimistic about the project. Therefore, a meeting was needed where the partners could exchange experiences, challenges and proposed solutions. It was held in Aalborg, where there were live demonstrations of the screening. It was an eye-opener for what empathy, relationships, and professional expertise do for a training institution to succeed. All partners came home with new experiences, tips and tricks to improve their future use in the next pilot.

All end-user partners provided feedback and status on their pilot, and we had some good and constructive discussions on how the issues can be resolved and material to prepare for the next pilot. We are constantly learning something new in PRECaiSE, and it is used as soon as it makes sense to improve the user experience for the end users and collect the data we need for the AI ​​models.

Once again, Aarhus University entertained us with AI, and we learned about a sharp plot, features and their weighting and ranking problem method. There were relevant and good questions, all of which made us wiser and even more explicit about the direction PRECaiSE is going.