Development based on the feedback of Pilot 2

03/31 - 2023 12:22

Date: 31st of March 2023

The first major testing occurred in PRECaiSE from September to February when all the end-user partners tested the application’s usability. We have continually optimized and noted requests for improvements.

The usage model is taken from the one already used in Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands for DigiRehab. This means that an employee from the home care comes out to the citizen’s home twice a week to conduct the training. This usage model has been adapted to the new target group and the implementation possibilities in the individual countries.

The end-user organizations have continuously submitted their feedback. After Pilot 2, the consortium held an online meeting where all feedback was collected, and the partners could comment on each other’s feedback.

Many good wishes for improvement came out of this meeting, but the two most central findings have been that there is a great desire to create a smartphone application and a greater variety of exercises. The target group in PRECaiSE is everyone over 65, they do not need to receive home care, and if they do, they must still be mainly self-reliant. The younger target group also means that they are physically and mentally fresh. Hence it follows that variation in the training program will challenge them. The exercises must be in the same style as those existing in the system to ensure that the desired muscle groups are still trained and gradually become more challenging to ensure improvement.

Planning and implementing the improvements has already begun to prepare them for Pilot 3, which starts after the summer.