Workshop & Consoritum Meeting in Middelburg, NL

04/5 - 2022 10:00

Date: 5th of April

Then it is time for a physical meeting again in PRECaiSE. This time in Middelburg, the Netherlands, the trip offered meetings, practical circumstances, planning of Pilots, and a guided tour by the local historian.

In addition, we discussed the differences between the partners concerning a future test. So we got through ethical applications, discussed how to get in touch with the target group, and defined the target group. Since PRECaiSE also wants to find those citizens who do not necessarily have home care yet, which presents challenges that the project tries to solve. We also got a live demonstration of how DigiRehab’s Prehab screening works and which areas are included. Aalborg Municipality, Oslo Bydel Sagene and TWB use DigiRehab in their day-to-day operations, so it is about expanding their target group and getting to know the new questions. With INRCA and OSF in Italy and Poland, they have to learn to know the system to feel safe.

We have come closer to clarifying how the project should be planned to achieve the highly scheduled and structured home care known from Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands and the unstructured family-based care and care found in Poland and Italy. These are some exciting talks, as all the End-User partners are keen to learn something from each other.

In addition, Aarhus University has told us about the software and the theoretical mathematics that will be the foundation for AI in PRECaiSE. It was eye-opening and has given everyone a shared understanding of what data the End-User partners will collect during the Pilots.