Workshop & Consortium meeting in Ancona, IT

05/25 - 2023 07:45

Date: 25th of May 2023

With high hopes, the PRECiSE consortium travelled to Ancona with the hope of a much-needed stretch of sunshine and good food. A little disappointed that we came down to rainy weather, but good food, we started the meeting, and it did not disappoint!

INRCA had organized a meeting for the local stakeholders, where they could hear about PRECaiSE and how strength training is of great benefit to the elderly population.

We were then shown around the hospital, to which INRCA is affiliated, and we got to see how the department works daily. How to test and train people with, among other things, heart attacks and cerebral haemorrhage in a way where it is a little more fun than just a test of coordination and concentration.

In Pilot 2, the partners were thrown into implementing DigiPrehab, and based on those experiences, a workshop was held to help support the partners in Pilot 3 so that we reach the goals we set at the start of the project.

We want to show that with tailored strength training, there is a 25% reduction in the risk of falling and that we must have 50% more citizens included in Pilot 3 than what was included in Pilot 2.

Pilot 3 must also be a test of how PRECaiSE can function after the end of the project. In this connection, we also had a workshop where we discussed in small groups what the ideal world looks like and what challenges we have in the real world to get towards the ideal world.