Workshop & Consortium meeting in Warsaw, PL

06/10 - 2022 09:30

Date: 15th of June 2022

We are six months into the project, and much has moved forward, and discoveries have been made with end-user involvement and the software. Now, planning the tests in each End-User partner’s countries has begun in earnest. The technical establishment has been started, and efficient planning has been created to achieve the tests and software development we would like to accomplish in the project.

On the software front, there have also been some exciting discoveries, which means that the PRECaiSE project has even more significant potential to succeed in both countries with structured public home care and countries with familial care and nursing.

We have gained insight into how the activity centers are working in Poland and how they can be an active player in both the PRECaiSE project and opportunities for use models in the future.

Another side of the project is that we must have developed business models relevant to the partners involved. Little by little, we have begun to uncover how PRECaiSE can succeed in being an active player in fall prevention among the older population.